Paulinho Guerreiro, another cast as Kick Soccer Coin ambassador

Brazilian striker Paulo José de Oliveira, Paulinho Guerreiro, is the youngest Kick Soccer Coin ambassador team. The player stated in his Instagram profile “I am very happy to be an ambassador for a ambitious and modern project, mainly because it is focused on the football environment ”.

Having playerd for the XV of Piracicaba, São José, Bragantino and Paraná Club, Paulinho Guerreiro currently defends Sweden’s BK Hacken and is already the top scorer in club history. In 2018, was named best player of the Swedish Championship and won the gold boot award for have been the top scorer of the season. Also left another mark in the history of the team for having made 8 goals in a friendly match.

You can also be part of this team. Join Paulinho Guerreiro. Meet the Kick Soccer Coin.

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